Packing a Cape 31 into a “box”

Packing a Cape 31 into a “box”

With the Cape Town-produced Cape 31 making inroads in international markets, the pacy speedster needs to be transported to all corners of the world safely and in tact. Erik Bjerring from Cape Town Yacht Services explains how these logistics are done.

The yacht management/ service provider is based out of the Cape Grace Marina at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. “We became involved with the Cape 31 in 2017 when Mike Hayton, owner of the Corby 49, NITRO, asked me to enquire about chartering a Cape 31 for the first official Cape 31 Invitational event in Cape Town. We re-branded the charter boat with the NITRO logo, and after only a day and a half of practice we finished in 2nd place, 1 point behind TNT”, says Erik. Mike and Erik met with C31 builder, the late Uwe Jasperson, and placed an order for a new boat. “We projected-managed the boat to launch, and I am still boat captain of the boat today”, he adds.

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