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TNT takes Cape 31 Invitational

After what can be described as a regatta of variables, Tina Plattner and Tony Norris’s TNT did enough on the last day of racing to take the honours for the 2019 Cape 31 Invitational. The regatta featured teams representing Sweden, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa and Namibia, with Capetonians

Excitement abounds as Cape 31 Invitational Regatta sets sail

The stage has been set for a thrilling regatta with a total of 11 teams, including 3 international teams sailing in Cape Town waters for the first time. Teams from Sweden, Hong Kong and the UK will battle it out against some of South Africa’s top sailing talent including Olympic


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1stMagicSA 0102
2ndNITROSA 0114
3rdMB RacingSA 0088
4thCuAI6SA 00311
5thSeascapeSA 00911
6thNemesisSA 00611
7thScudSA 00711
8thSKISA 00214
9thVivaldiSA 00419
10thTNTSA 00519
11thMuliloSA 01220
12thFlameSA 00120