Mills Design Ltd.

Mills Design Ltd. is a firm set up by Mark Mills to specialise in racing yacht design.  

Based in Ireland but active around the world, Mills Design is one of most successful design offices of recent years, having won numerous titles under IRC, ORC, and ORR, and Boat of the Year titles.

The success of boats like Maxi72 World Champion Alegre 3, multiple IRC Championship winners Mariners Cove and Tiamat, IMA Mini-Maxi Champion Alegre, and production designs such as the King 40 and DK 46 are well known worldwide. 

A member of the RORC Technical Committee and an advisor to both the US and Irish IRC owners groups Mills has spoken around the world on Yacht Design and Rating Rules. He was one of the initial HPR Committee members who helped draft the High Performance Rule for the NYYC, and subsequently joined the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) Advisory Board.