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Cape 31 Chosen for 2019 Lipton Cup Challenge

Following decades of Lipton Cup Challenges being sailed on the trustworthy, robust and home grown Lavranos 26, the pressure was mounting on the Trustees to find a more modern boat to compete for this prestigious trophy. Held annually off the shores of South Africa, the Lipton Cup trophy, a deed

Cape 31s at the Cape Town Boat Show – Program of events

The program of events at the Cape Town International Boat show is now available at, all 12 Cape 31s will be on display during the entire show, however will be departing the boat show marina at 11:30 am on Saturday 20th October to race in Table Bay, after racing


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RCYC Winter Series 2018

1stSeascape YanmarSA 0092415
2ndNemesisSA 0062616
3rdMagicSA 0103621
4thTurquoiseSA 0034127
5thSCUDSA 0074228
6thMB RacingSA 0084330
7thNitroSA 0116444
8thVivaldiSA 0046246
9thSKISA 0028464